RVK Architects

RVK Architects is a professional design firm who reached out for consultation on curating a rotating art show for their office space. 

For this project, I wanted to focus on where art and architecture meet and highlighting those shared elements of color, line, and shape. Local San Antonio artist, Louis Vegas Trevino was the perfect representation of this concept. 

Trevino’s body of work paints a vivid dialogue between these elements. As he deconstructs them in his unique hand-made shaped canvases, the elements all seem to merge together, creating conversations and orchestrating an immersive visual experience for the viewer. Trevino’s color-charged compositions are personal endeavors into his imagination as he creates and challenges his own visual language. Not only are his paintings interpretations of his relationships with this world, but they reflect a deep understanding of historical precedents. From the color field paintings of Mark Rothko to the optical abstraction of Gene Davis, Trevino is referencing masters of color and spatial use. 

With timelessness and personal application, an architectural sense is woven into Trevino’s work as he builds the canvases himself. He will arrange multiple of them in a variety of iterations, forming these patterns and unique shapes on the wall. In result, his works become more than just a painting. They extend into the realm of space, becoming an architectural creation. The colors and precise lines draw your eye in and allow you to connect with what you see to where you are, forming a fluidity of elements. It is in this space you see art and architecture interacting and speaking to each other. Trevino’s art incites just that, inviting viewers to see that art and architecture are not much different, but both a union of elements merged together with personal expression.